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The Mystery of the Missing Carrier Pigeon

While ripping out an old fireplace at a derelict house in Surrey, David and Ann Martin found what they thought to be a discarded chicken bone, but which on closer inspection turned out to be the remains of a pigeon.

Attached to the bird’s foot was a small red cylinder, and inside they found a coded message that was almost certainly dispatched from Nazi-occupied France. The highly sensitive Pigeon Service document is now being analysed by codebreakers at the Government listening post GCHQ, and the contents of the message, which is not dated, will remain a mystery until it is fully decoded.

Read the full story at Express.co.uk here.


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One Response to “The Mystery of the Missing Carrier Pigeon”

  1. John 1 November 2012 at 2:11 pm //

    Surely the numbers at the bottom of the message are the metal ring numbers. NURP 40 TW 194 and NURP 37 DK 76 suggesting that two birds were liberated with the same message one bird born in 1940 and the other 1937 the club or owners reference being TW and DK
    NURP is the National Union of Racing Pigeon issue by The Racing Pigeon newspaper up until the seventies surely the records have not been destroyed.