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Flying Back 2 Pigeons – Clubs

Benefits of Flying Back 2 Pigeons

There can be great benefits for clubs in offering Flying Back 2 Pigeons sessions:

  • More people starting up with pigeons in your area 

  • More opportunities to recruit and help with administration of clubs  

  • Extra publicity 

  • New volunteers for helping out in and around your club

  • Giving people of all generations a place where they can compete, socialise and make new friends

How to get your club involved:

We are committed here at the RPRA to supporting clubs in growing their own club membership numbers and potential talent in your area. We have come up with a strategic and support package that allows clubs to manage and promote their Flying Back 2 Pigeons sessions.

In return we have a number of tools and services we can offer to you as a club:

    • Booklet on ideas how you can promote your club in your area

    • Posters

    • An online find a club search feature so that people in your area can find where you are

    • Information to hand out to participants

    • Activities you can run at the club at marking and also clock opening

    • We can support with getting your local press to publicise your events and your club, with weekly results being publicised and advertisements for your sessions

    • We are also opening a Swap Shop so people can send us equipment that we can redistribute to new starters to the sport. Flying Back 2 Pigeons Clubs will have access to this

The poster below is just one example of how you could promote your sport in your area: print it here.

Click flag for appropriate language of poster :    

Put posters up in and around your local community – here are some examples:

  • Newsagents

  • Supermarkets

  • Community notice boards

  • Schools – lots of parents dropping their kids off (refer to the free support we offer to schools) click here

  • Libraries

  • Convenience shops

  • Lamposts

  • Coffee Shops

  • Tourist information centre

  • Leisure Centres/other local sports clubs in the area

  • Pubs – great place to advertise as it is a traditional participant of the sport

When going in to speak about putting up a poster, tell them all about your sessions and about the sport. Why not ask them to promote it to their customers, friends, family etc?

 Focus on your local community to promote your sessions!!!!!

This is just one of many strategies we will send you as part of your Flying Back 2 Pigeons programme.

To sign up your club into the Flying Back 2 Pigeons programme all you have to do is fill this online form.

It is that easy!

Alternatively you can  contact our Development Officer Richard Chambers for more information at [email protected] or call 01452 713529.

We are looking forward to having you on board.

                             Register your club here today!