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Membership of the RPRA runs from 1st March in any year to the last day of the following February, and a fresh subscription is due each membership year. Arrangements for payment of the annual subscription for 2024-25 will be notified shortly.

Below you can download an application form which will enable you to become an individual member. You should complete the form and forward together with a postal order/cheque and an S.A.E. to your local Region Secretary (not to the RPRA Headquarters). 

Your Region Secretary will issue you with a loft number and advise you of the names and addresses of secretaries of clubs near to you to whom you can apply for membership and who will be able to give you some help.

On receipt of a current year’s membership card you will also be able to obtain rings from the RPRA.

If you have any queries about membership please call the RPRA HQ on 01452 713529.

DownloadApplication for Individual Membership