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Airshow Calendar 2017

In addition to the requirements contained within our rules regarding pigeon releases around active civil airfields, we are now approaching the season when many airfields around the country hold local air shows.


With increased summer flight activity and the pigeon season we would ask all fanciers living within the vicinity of airfields to be extra vigilant to minimise the risk of bird-strike.

Click on the image of the Red Arrows below to be taken to the UK Airshow Calendar 2017:


We ask fanciers to bear these shows in mind when liberating birds, and to ensure that you have notified appropriate airfields in accordance with RPRA Rules (Page 28 of 2016 Rule Book): liberations within 13km of airports require notification to the aerodrome authority or air traffic controller at least 14 days prior to the release. In addition, the ATC unit should be notified by telephone at least 30 minutes before release time. Please also refer to Page 29 of the 2016 Rule Book for confirmation of aerodromes where liberation of pigeons is forbidden within an 8 mile radius.

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