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story1aRPRA members: with a new racing season rapidly approaching please remember you represent the sport of pigeon racing. Should you have any concerns regarding activity that you may suspect is not what it purports to be, please refer it to your union’s press officer or secretary.

Some notes, if you do receive an inquiry of this nature:
– Do not be tempted to engage in conversation – instead explain that their enquiry is better handled by the press office for their respective Union or Pigeon Racing UK
agenda– Ask politely for their name in full
– Ask what it is they want to know
– Ask the name of the publication or media title they are working for
– If it is a journalist, ask if they have a deadline by which they need a response
– Obtain an e-mail address and direct contact number
– Tell them that you will pass on this information straight away and they can expect to be contacted by the press officer for their union shortly.

We need to be seen as being proactive and helpful in any instances of genuine public or media enquiry of which there are many at the moment covering the story of lobbying in support of the Law Commissions proposal to change the law.
Taking an emotional, defensive or rude stance will escalate the problem.

Contact details
Contact details for all the Racing Pigeon Unions can be found at www.pigeonracinguk.co.uk


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