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How to apply for a CPH number from Defra

Anyone that is intending to race from the EU – i.e. channel racing – needs to complete a CPH application to register their loft with Defra. RPRA Development Officer Richard Chambers has put together the step-by-step instructional videos below, which show exactly what to do, from logging on, to pressing ‘send’ on the email that will submit your application. 

Loft Registration and Export Health Certificate Procedures

“A registration system for establishments (pigeon lofts) has been available since 24 May 2022.  Establishments must be registered with the competent authority if keepers want to use the new EHC and move racing pigeons from that premises in GB to the EU or NI for the purpose of immediate release for racing back to GB. We will register lofts as quickly as possible but please allow at least 6 weeks for your application to be processed.

“Pigeon lofts that do not wish to engage in racing from the EU or Northern Ireland are unaffected by these changes.

“If you wish to partake in the racing of pigeons from the EU or Northern Ireland back to GB you must use the new EHC and obtain registration of your loft.” (Please watch Video 1 above.)

Racing Pigeon Establishment Registration Form

Click the image below to download and complete:

Defra Magic Map – for Eastings and Northings

Click the map image below to be taken to Defra’s Magic Map:

Please note that lofts only need to register; the Export Health Certificate will be obtained by clubs/organisations.

After you have registered and received your CPH number, one other thing you need to complete is an Operations Declaration see the Part 2 video below.

NOTE – If you are unable to submit email to Rural Payment agency or would like to read more on how to apply for a CPH number then click on this link for further assistance https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/apply-for-a-county-parish-holding-cph-number 

Please note you can only complete this next stage once you have a CPH Number! If you do not have this number, please wait until you receive it to complete the Operations Declarations Form.

APHA Registered Racing Pigeon Establishment Operator Declaration Form   

Click the  image below to download the form:

Our lead vet David Parsons has also kindly put together the following video, showing the steps you need to take in order to send to France/Spain.

See Defra’s guidance on the GOV.UK website.

Download: Loft Registration and Export Health Certificate FAQs – updated

Arranging and Recording an Official Vet Visit during the closed season

If you are intending on racing from within the EU, then you need to arrange a vet visit within 12 months of obtaining your CPH number. The easiest way to do this is by registering with a qualified vet who is able to sign off that your pigeons are not suffering from any notifiable disease, which are currently Paramyxovirus and Avian Influenza.

Official Veterinarian List

Click here to download a list we have put together to help people in obtaining this inspection.

This list is not intended to be an RPRA recommended or approved list of veterinarians, but simply a list to help members and organisations identify veterinary practices that can provide the services required for Cross Channel racing. It is not an exhaustive list; there will be other practices that can provide the same services.

Please note that many of the practices quote hourly rates. It would be advantageous to arrange visits in groups of lofts, to get the best possible deal. It is estimated that a loft visit should take approximately 30 minutes, although this will depend on the practice and individual circumstances. You will need to discuss cost and times with the practice to establish an accurate position.

Once you have organised an Official Veterinarian visit you then just need them to complete a registered pigeon loft veterinary visit attestation form which you should keep in your own pigeon animal health file for Channel Racing.

If you have any further questions, please contact us via email or phoning head office – see our contacts page.