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How to apply for a CPH number from Defra

Anyone that is intending to race from the EU – i.e. channel racing – needs to complete a CPH application to register their loft with Defra. RPRA Development Officer Richard Chambers has put together the step-by-step instructional videos below, which show exactly what to do from logging on, to pressing send on the email that will submit your application.

After you have registered and received your CPH number, there is one more thing that you need to complete. This is regarding an Operations Declaration – see the Part 2 video below.

Please note you can only complete this next stage once you have a CPH Number! If you do not have this number, please wait until you receive the number to complete the Operations Declarations Form.

Vet David Parsons has also kindly put together the following video, showing the steps you need to take in order to send to France/Spain this season.

See Defra’s guidance on the GOV.UK website

Download: Loft Registration and Export Health Certificate FAQs – updated 

Click here to access Defra’s Magic Map

Please note that lofts only need to register; the Export Health Certificate will be obtained by clubs/organisations.