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Avian Influenza Updates

Earlier this morning I was informed that the meeting scheduled for this afternoon had been cancelled. I am sure this will be a great disappointment to you all, as it is to me. However, a Defra representative has taken the time to speak to me, and as a result I am able to provide the […]

Covid 19 Racing Guidance for Welsh Clubs/Organisations

The following information has been emailed to Welsh clubs/organisations on 4th April 2021. If for any reason your secretary has not received the communication, please bring the content to their attention. Guidance for Scottish and Irish organisations will follow in due course. Dear Secretary, In preparation for the 2021 season, guidance has been developed for […]

Training in England

In line with the Government Covid roadmap and the current Avian Influenza restrictions,  single loft training will be permitted from Monday 29th March 2021. Multiple loft training (more than one loft) is NOT permitted, and will remain prohibited until the General License for Bird Gatherings is reinstated . For the latest updates in relation to […]

Training and Racing in Wales – UPDATED

Single loft training will be permitted in Wales from 27th March 2021. This follows the Welsh Government’s confirmation that the ‘Stay Local’ rule will be lifted to allow unrestricted travel within Wales from 27th March. However, please note that England still has restricted travel and therefore you cannot travel into England from Wales for the […]


RPRA RULES & COVID 19 RESTRICTIONS  As a result of the ongoing Covid 19 restrictions and the timescales associated with racing, the following rules have been relaxed: Rules 221 & 225 – Three way testing. For 2021, only one signature will be required.  Rules 235a – For 2021, electronic rings must be allocated to the […]


The following is an update in relation to training and racing in Scotland, and follows the First Minister’s Statement of 16th March 2021. Please note this publication is intended for RPRA members.  The following content, taken from the First Ministers statement, has been taken as positive steps towards the commencement of training and racing in […]

EU – Importing and Exporting Racing Pigeons

To provide members with a detailed overview of what is going on ‘behind the scenes’ at the RPRA in respect of Brexit and its impact on the import and export of racing pigeons to and from the EU, please refer to the latest correspondence sent to the APHA and EU Commission below. Please note that […]

Group Training

Further to the RPRA statement issued on 11th May 2020, the following guidance has been developed to aid group training of more than two people/individuals. It is important to note that it is Guidance and any individual involved in group training should satisfy themselves that they are happy to proceed on that basis. The Guidance […]

RPRA Membership Consultation – CEO’s comments

RPRA Members Consultation – Comments by Ian Evans RPRA CEO The RPRA member’s consultation that was published in the British Homing World, and on the RPRA website and social media attracted 1092 responses. Initially I was disappointed by the level of response. However, having taken into consideration that this was the first time that RPRA […]

Latest Raptor Alliance Press Pack

Press Pack 6 is now available to download below – in several parts due to its size. It’s a collection of all the activity during the Spring. Previous press packs can be viewed on the Pigeon Racing UK & Ireland Press Office pages. Download: Raptor Alliance Press Pack 6 Part A Download: Raptor Alliance Press Pack 6 […]