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The Importance of Weather Forecasting

Steve Western, a Meteorologist with Weatherquest, explains the importance of weather forecasting in pigeon racing: “Pigeon racing is a sport in which specially bred and trained pigeons are released from specific locations (the conventional form uses the same starting or ‘liberation’ point); they then race back to their home lofts. The distance between these points […]

Caught in the Act

Barry Reid in Brighouse recently had a raptor attack on his pigeons which was captured on his home CCTV system. The footage and further details can be seen on the Huddersfield Daily Examiner website.            

Pigeon Lung – advice from BPFMRT

Advice from the British Pigeon Fanciers Medical Research Team on Pigeon Lung (Extrinsic Allergic Alveolitis) In the same way as some pet owners are allergic to their pets, e.g. cats, dogs or horses, some pigeon owners are allergic to their pigeons. The allergic reaction affects the small air exchanging sacs in the lung (alveoli) and causes […]

The Homing Instinct

In this documentary from Meerkat Films, two old friends and rival pigeon racers are preparing for the big race of the season. Set in the North East of England where Maurice’s allotment is home to the world’s only listed pigeon Cree, the ageing miners embark on what could be their last season together. Jackie and […]

RPRA One Loft – Young Birds Final Race

The Young Birds Final Race took place from Hexham on Sunday 26th August, a distance of 203 miles. The birds were marked late on Saturday afternoon, and transported up to the liberation point by Martin Fitzpatrick. A full report is here, and a  gallery of images taken on the day is below.