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Belonging at the Walker Art Gallery

More than 200 life-size model pigeons in seven vibrant colours are ‘roosting’ on the roof, portico and other nooks of the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool as part of an installation called ‘Belonging’ by artist Patrick Murphy.

National Museums Liverpool say that “the unexpected presence of these bright, exciting birds; their scale and quantity, make the whole situation at once familiar but also both surreal and unusual”.

Ann Bukantas, Head of Fine Art said: “Belonging is playful and humorous, but it is also a very thought-provoking piece that uses the birds to examine social order and society, and communities that find themselves in a state of constant flight for a wide variety of reasons.

“Patrick has adopted The Unexpected Guest theme of the Liverpool Biennial and produced an installation which will delight visitors with the colourful way in which it draws attention to the gallery.

“The transformation of the ordinary pigeon to an insightful, beautiful artwork is surprisingly easy to embrace with Patrick’s ‘makeover’, which challenges our ideas of identity and belonging.”

Patrick Murphy said: “Working with such a highly regarded institution as the Walker Art Gallery and creating work for the Liverpool Biennial has been personally very rewarding and the realisation of an idea long in planning.

“Belonging will engage audiences with its bright colour compositions and also use the emblem of the pigeon to highlight the nature of transience and a very human struggle in finding acceptance or a natural sense of place, whether this be an intellectual or a physical/geographical homeland.”

A few images of the installation can be seen below:

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