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RPRA Drug Testing Programme 2024

Council of the RPRA has approved drug testing for the 2024 season The RPRA now uses a UK-based laboratory for its drug testing programme. The process is detailed within Appendix G of the RPRA Rules, and includes the following: • Only trained personnel will be able to carry out sample collections on behalf of the […]

Annual General Meeting 2024

The 128th Annual General Meeting of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association was held at the Leonardo Hotel (East Midlands Airport) on Friday 23rd February. The minutes of the meeting and the annual accounts may be downloaded below. Chris Sutton CEO Download: AGM Minutes  Download: Annual Accounts 2022-23  

Membership Levy 2024

As I said in my last report, the RPRA has been underfunded for many years and has been subsidised by the sales of the BHW. Due to the nature of the publishing business and the drop in membership leading to an equal drop in the circulation numbers of the BHW, that subsidy has faltered to […]

CEO’s Annual Report 2024

You can read CEO Chris Sutton’s annual report, presented at the Annual General Meeting on 23rd February, below. Download: CEO’s Annual Report 2024          

Booking of RPRA liberation sites

To avoid jeopardising official RPRA liberation sites all liberations MUST be booked and paid for through RPRA HQ. This includes Race Programmes, Open Races, One Loft Races and Training Tosses. Please ensure that 2024 Inland & Continental Race Programmes are completed on official forms and returned to RPRA HQ by Friday 1st March, along with […]

FCI Championship Races 2024

The Portuguese Racing Pigeon Federation will be organising jointly the World Championship, World Youth Championship, European Championship, and European Youth Championship, in a partnership between the City Council of Mira, Portugal, and the International Pigeon Fanciers Federation (FCI). We have been invited to participate with a national team in these events, all of which will […]

Registration of NWHU Rings

Since 2019 all rings issued by the North West Homing Union (NWHU) that are raced or shown under RPRA rules have had to be registered with the RPRA by 1st April. This follows the decision taken by the RPRA Council that all rings issued by unions that are not members of the British Confederation should […]

BHW Show of the Year 2024

Thank you to everyone that came to the BHW Show of the Year 2024 over the weekend, whether as a fancier, trader, official or staff. It was another great weekend, and a full report will follow over the next few days. (Image below courtesy of Craig Szlatoszlavek.)   The results (subject to ring verification etc) […]

RPRA National Awards 2023

The RPRA National Awards for 2023 have now been determined. As with the last few years, the majority were decided by coefficient calculations, and others by decision of the RPRA Council (marked *). The award winners are listed below – our congratulations to them all. The full list, including performances and calculations, can be seen […]

GB24 Ring Orders

All pre-ordered GB24 rings were sent out by Royal Mail on Friday afternoon, and orders will now be sent out on the day that they are taken. You can order rings by post from RPRA HQ with a cheque or postal order for the relevant payment, or call us on 01452 713529 and pay by […]