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About the BHW

The British Homing World is the most popular pigeon racing weekly magazine in the UK with a weekly circulation of approximately 24,000 copies sold every week. The magazine is the official publication of the Royal Pigeon Racing Association, the principle governing body of the sport in the UK with over 54,000 members.

You can contact us on (01938) 552360

The BHW offers many services to it’s readers which include:

  • Weekly listings of the majority of race results during the racing season.
  • Telephone information service called Lib Line where readers can obtain details of liberation times and early arrivals in the races.
  • A full listing of every race taking place in the British Isles with details of racepoint and anticipated liberation time.
  • A racing competition specific to senior citizens.
  • Weekly competition with attractive prizes to be won every week.
  • Club for young fanciers to encourage new members into the sport.
  • Editorial reports from every corner of the British Isles from over 150 contributors who cover the racing and management of racing pigeons, winning birds, their lofts and owners; features on scientific and veterinary topics plus features from experienced and successful fanciers.
  • Cartoons, reader’s letters and many other topics of interest that relate to the sport in both this country and abroad.
  • Full advertising section with advertisements from loft suppliers, foodstuff distributors, health and pharmacultical producers, large and small pigeon studs, sales by individual fanciers and other suppliers connected with the sport.

All this for the cover price of £0.75 per copy if obtained from your newsagent.

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