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Advertising Rates

All advertisements should be prepaid and include the name and address of the vendor. Cheques, postal orders and money orders should be made payable to the British Homing World, and crossed. No cash through the post please.

Advertisements selling secondhand clocks must include the make and number of the clock.


Prepaid Rate


Invoiced Rate

(Account Customers Only)

1 Page

£168.36 incl VAT £151.02 +VAT

1/2 Page

£92.34 incl VAT £80.70 +VAT

1 Column

£60.86 incl VAT £50.72 +VAT

1/2 Column

£31.54 incl VAT £26.28 +VAT

1/4 Column

£18.02 incl VAT £15.02 +VAT

1 Inch

£9.01 incl VAT £7.51 +VAT

Any adverts placed in the editorial pages are subject to a 20% surcharge.
Colour rates (second or full) on application to the Editorial Offices.

Telephone 01938 552360 for more information.