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Featured Articles

Here are a selection of articles we’ve chosen from some past editions of British Homing World.

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China No 1 in the Racing Pigeon World

A Spectacular Day at Man City

North Midlands Cont. Club Kingsdown

Midlands Cont. Classic FC Saintes

The Famous Five Strike Again

Patience is the game Tracy Andrew

A Workingmans’ Fancier Malcolm Collis

What Is A Champion?

Barcelona (A remarkable achievement)

Jan Hooymans of Kerkdriel

Midlands National FC Vire

Lanarkshire Profile – John Dougal

BICC Le Mans

Keeping Pigeons

INFC Friendship National

BBC Bordeaux

Scottish National FC Clermont

Welsh SR National FC Bordeaux

Northern Classic Messac

BICC Marseille

National FC Nantes Race 1987

Leon Henry of Nandrin

Midlands National FC Vire

BICC Perpignan

Show of Year helps to make Josh’s wish come true

Welsh South Road NFC Saintes

The National FC Saintes

Scottish National FC Niort

London NR Combine Thurso

Welsh SE National Bonn

North Midlands CC Saintes

SNRPC Reims Gold Medal National

NRCC Thurso

CSCFC Bergerac

Welsh National FC Bonn

L&SECC Bergerac Classic

BICC St Vincent

Leeds or The Bahamas?

Welsh South Road NFC Tours

Scottish National FC Ypres

BBC Fougères Charity Race

Midlands Cont. Classic Messac

A Few Highlights from 1952 and more

BBC Barcelona

Hounds for Heroes

Welsh National FC Folkestone (2)

Social Networking with a heart

Scottish National FC Alençon Gold Cup

Philip & Joe Boal, Dromore, NI

Welsh South-East NFC Aachen

L&SECC Tarbes Classic

Welsh SR National FC Tarbes

Midlands National FC Tours

BICC Barcelona International

The National FC Tarbes

Scottish National FC Maidstone

Welsh South-East NFC Brussels

Northern Classic Carentan

Neil & Philip Coleman of Dover

BICC Agen International

SNRPC Billericay

North Midlands CC Messac

Midlands National FC Tours

L&SECC Tarbes Classic

Welsh National FC Brussels

Scottish National FC Cheltenham

Les Fry of Dorchester

CSCFC Tarbes Blue Riband

Chris Williams

Welsh SR National FC Le Mans

BICC Pau International

BBC Niort

The National FC Messac

Vic Preddy celebrates his 90th birthday

The Story of Champion Cracker

NRCC Fraserburgh

MNFC Fougères QDJ Race

Midlands Cont. Classic Fougères

RPRA London Region QDJ Race

Welsh National FC Lillers

NEHU Clermont Queen’s Cup Classic

Jim Emerton talks to M & D Evans

Welsh South Road NFC Falaise

Irish National FC Skibbereen

Welsh South-East National Lillers

BICC Tours

Dennis Sanders Super Ambassador

The Mascot Gold Cup

The National FC Cholet QDJ Race

North Midlands Cont. Club Fougeres

Welsh South-East NFC Folkestone

CSCFC Messac

Up North Combine Lillers

RPRA at Daybreak ‘Jubilee Jamboree’


BICC Alencon

L&SECC Tours Classic

MDU at Ledston

NRCC Perth

Welsh SE National Maidstone

First time of marking NFC Pontypridd

Tom Cahill of Cork

Tony Mullen

BBC Messac

The National FC Fougeres

Midlands NFC Carentan

BBC Carentan

BICC Carentan

John & David Staddon

BICC Falaise

CSCFC Carentan

L&SECC Alencon Classic

NRCC Dunbar