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CNN at the One Loft

US news giant CNN spent today filming at the loft in Tewkesbury belonging to the RPRA One Loft Manager, Jeremy Davies.

Originally the piece was commissioned as a very short notice ‘background to pigeons piece’, however it has now grown following the filming today!

Nic and a camera crew will be at Bletchley Park on Thursday 6th December to enhance the story further by telling some of the stories and exploits of pigeons in war.

Nic Robertson is the senior war correspondent for CNN, and has covered conflicts all over the world, recently in the Middle East to where he returns again shortly.

Scotty, the cameraman, works regularly with Nic, and both have been in many war zones and conflicts. Scotty in fact had his hair and part of his scalp parted by a bullet from an AK-47 when they were ambushed and two of the CNN were killed.

Interesting lives in the press?

Update: You can see the subsequent article on CNN here.

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