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Contacting the RPRA

In accordance with Government coronavirus advice, the RPRA offices are currently closed to visitors. A policy of homeworking is being implemented until further notice, and a number of staff are currently on furlough. Therefore, the way you contact the RPRA has changed.  A list of e-mail addresses and contact numbers is below.  

We ask all members to use e-mail as the preferred option of communication whenever possible, and to telephone as a means of contact only if absolutely necessary. In any case, please DO NOT ring these numbers outside of our normal office hours: 9am-5pm, Monday-Friday.

The online strays reporting system and free transfers system remain available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  

Department e-mail Direct Line
Strays [email protected] 01452 858249 (9am-1pm)
Strays [email protected] 01452 858246 (1pm-5pm)
General Enquiries/Membership [email protected] 01452 858246
Inland Racing [email protected] 01452 858245
Continental Racing [email protected] 01452 858244 
Distances  [email protected] (automated) 01452 858248
Loft Locations [email protected] 01452 858248
Accounts [email protected] 01452 858241
One Loft Race [email protected] 01452 858241
Ring Orders [email protected] 01452 713529 Ext 204
CEO [email protected] 01452 858240

A member of staff is coming in regularly to open and distribute the incoming post, and to send out parcels etc, but there will inevitably be a longer turnaround than usual and we would ask you to bear this in mind. We thank you for your cooperation.

Our weekly magazine, British Homing World, is still being published. Their contact numbers in the meantime are as below:


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