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Contacting the RPRA

Under the current circumstances, a number of staff are working from home and a couple are on furlough. The way you contact us has therefore changed. 

Below is an updated list of contacts. It is best to use e-mail if you can, and to call only if you cannot e-mail. In any case, please do not call these numbers outside of our office hours, Monday-Friday 9am-5pm.

You can still send us mail, of course, to Corinium House, Corinium Avenue, Barnwood, Gloucester GL4 3HX.

If you have found a stray pigeon, please report it using our stray reporting wizard. This and our free online transfer system remain available 24 hours a day.

Department e-mail (preferable) Available Tel No
CEO – Ian Evans [email protected] 9am – 5pm 01452 713529
Membership, ring orders, transfers [email protected] 9am – 5pm 01452 713529
Ring lists & general enquiries [email protected] 9am – 1pm 01452 713529
Ring orders & general enquiries [email protected] 9am – 5pm 01452 713529
Ring orders [email protected] 12pm-3:30pm 01452 713529
Stray birds – please report online   Anytime  
Accounts/One Loft (Finance Manager) [email protected] 9am – 5pm 01452 713529
Accounts/One Loft [email protected] 9am – 1pm 01452 713529
Continental Racing (Office Manager) [email protected] 9am – 5pm 01452 713529
Racing Support – Inland and sites [email protected] 9am – 3pm 07835 987868
Loft locations (mapping) [email protected] 9am – 5pm 07783 306563
Distance requests (Automated) [email protected] Anytime  
Development Officer [email protected] 9am – 5pm 01452 713529


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