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Covid 19 Racing Guidance for Welsh Clubs/Organisations: Updated

Our guidance on race marking and clock striking has been updated to reflect revisions to the lockdown restrictions in Wales. Both documents can be downloaded from the Downloads page.


The following information has been emailed to Welsh clubs/organisations on 4th April 2021. If for any reason your secretary has not received the communication, please bring the content to their attention. Guidance for Scottish and Irish organisations will follow in due course.

Dear Secretary,

In preparation for the 2021 season, guidance has been developed for clubs and organisations. A list of Guidance for Clubs can be downloaded from our downloads page.

You will then be able to access and download the following Guidance
1. Race Marking
2. Clock Striking

Please note that if you are a convoying organisation, the following documents are also relevant:
3. Guidance for Convoying Organisations
4. Additional rules for Convoyers at English, Scottish and Welsh liberation sites
5. Risk Assessment for Convoyers – This is a requirement for the use of liberation sites.

Guidance should be strictly implemented.

If you are a convoying organisation then you should bring the relevant documents to the attention of your convoying team(s) and ensure that all marking stations are aware of the requirements of the guidance listed above.

Please note that in addition to the Welsh Government’s Covid requirements, we will not be permitted to start racing until Defra reinstate the General Licence for Gatherings.

Ian Evans

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