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‘Doo The Right Thing’ at Dailly Primary School

Members of Carrick & District Homing Society worked closely with workers from South Ayrshire’s Community Safety Team to deliver the latest ‘Doo the Right Thing’ Project. A presentation on pigeon racing was given to the school’s Primary 5 pupils, which consisted of an outline of the history of pigeon racing, names of famous people who keep or have kept pigeons, pigeons in war etc.

The members also took some stock pigeons into the class, and ran their own small one loft race. Each pupil took ownership of a young pigeon, giving their bird a name. The birds were raced by new starter Bob Dempsey to his back door loft, with prizes being awarded for the first three places. The pupils seemed very interested in the sport, and some of them have visited Bob to have a look at the birds.

The photos show the schoolchildren with their awards and sporting their ‘doo the right thing’ t-shirts.

Dailly Primary School has also entered four young birds in the RPRA One-Loft Race, and the pupils will track the progress of their pigeons throughout the season.

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