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Airfield Directory (for notification)   38 KB Download
APHA – form for notifying liberation   21 KB Download
Application to Liberate   284 KB Download
Avian Influenza – Code of Practice for Racing Pigeons   81 KB Download
Block Transfer Form   16 KB Download
Change of Address Form   50 KB Download
Convoyer’s Licence Application Form   26 KB Download
DEFRA – Animal Transport Certificate   43 KB Download
DEFRA – Avian Disease Control Strategy   415 KB Download
DEFRA – General Licence for Bird Gatherings   39 KB Download
Distances Application Form   18 KB Download
ETS Clocksetters’ Guide   2.51 MB Download
FCI Ring Colours from 2016   242 KB Download
Google Earth Loft Location Procedure   17 KB Download
Google Earth Loft Location Example   136 KB Download
Hall Associates Review of the RPRA   7 MB Download
HawkWatch – Guide to reporting a raptor attack   698 KB Download
Homing Pigeons – How do they do it?   282 KB Download
Loft Location Application Form   24 KB Download
One Loft Race Licence Application Form   11 KB Download
One Loft Races – General Rules   23 KB Download
One Loft Young Birds Race 2018 – Rules   182 KB Download
Open Race Licence Application Form   31 KB Download
Partnership Dissolution Form   182 KB Download
Partnership Formation Form   198 KB Download
PED Drug Testing Kit – Instructions   1.19 MB Download
Pigeon Fanciers Lung MT Annual Report 2015   3 MB Download
Raptor Petition   15 KB Download
RPRA Price List 2018   28 KB Download
RPRA GB 2018 Ring List   541 KB Download
RPRA Membership Application Form   84 KB Download
RPRA Ring List Continuation Form   626 KB Download
RPRA Rule Book 2018   1 MB Download
Secretary’s Guide   1.46 MB Download
Strays – contacts for rings from other organisations/countries   188 KB Download
Transfer Form   54 KB Download
UK Liberation Sites Map with airfields   76 KB Download
Vaccination Certificate   24 KB Download
VOSA Transportation of Pigeons – Guidance   1.26 MB Download
Where Have All The Song Birds Gone? Hawk Sticker   591 KB Download
Young Fancier Registration Form   24 KB Download
Young Pigeon Sickness Report 2016   1 MB Download