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Early success for new fliers

Father and son, Stephen and Tyler Harrison, have had a great start after taking up pigeon racing this season. When he saw his grandad’s birds, 8 year old Tyler wanted a few of his own, so Stephen built him a 5×3 loft and grandad let him have 12 young birds.

Flying as Harrison & Son they sent 10 birds to Tewkesbury (83 miles) with the South Cheshire Fed and came 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 5th – what an amazing achievement! That after bad trapping cost them 5-6 minutes! All 10 birds were back on the day.

Stephen said “Tyler is over the moon with the result. He’s been feeding the birds and helps to clean them out. He will not hold a pigeon as yet, but that will soon change as time goes by. Pigeons run in the family – I used to keep them when I was my son’s age, and my father and uncle also race pigeons. Hopefully we’ll get a good Fed place as well.”

Well done to them both. They have big ambitions, and hope to win many more races and encourage more families to take up the sport.



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