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Group Training

Further to the RPRA statement issued on 11th May 2020, the following guidance has been developed to aid group training of more than two people/individuals.

It is important to note that it is Guidance and any individual involved in group training should satisfy themselves that they are happy to proceed on that basis.

The Guidance relates solely to England. Training in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland is still not yet permitted.

The following has been based on social distancing rules issued under stage 1 of the Government’s strategy, including:

1. A two metre distance should be kept between individuals from different household.
2. Individuals are only permitted to meet up with one other individual from a different household per day.

  • Those carrying out group training (the Convoyer) should remain in the vehicle at each collection point while the fancier loads his/her pigeons.
  • Once the fancier has left the pick up point the Convoyer should disinfect any part of the equipment that the fancier has come into contact with, such as door to trailers, before moving to the next collection point.
  • At no point should more than two individuals from different households be at the same pick up point at the same time.
  • Individuals from different households should not travel in the same vehicle.

In addition Convoyers should ensure that they have a RPRA Convoyer’s licence and are meeting the requirements of the General Licence for Bird Gatherings.

Further information on the General Licence can be found within this document

Ian Evans

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