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Holmeswood Primary School visit the One Loft

Children from Holmeswood Methodist Primary School in Lancashire travelled to Malvern by school minibus on Wednesday 2nd April to deliver their pigeon ‘Holmeswood Flyer’ to the RPRA One Loft.

The school’s Bursar, Lavinia Chew, takes up the story: “Holmeswood Flyer was donated to the school by Pimlott Brothers.  The children have watched the various stages of the pigeon’s life cycle from an egg and have pictures of this displayed in school.

“The children were fascinated by the whole visit! They watched their pigeon get electronically tagged and placed in the loft and found the staff at One Loft very informative and knowledgeable about what would happen to their pigeon.  The children were curious to see the opposition!

“The school would like to thank the One Loft & the RPRA for giving the children this fabulous opportunity and are excited about Holmeswood Flyers’ first race!”

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