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Ian Evans, RPRA CEO

It is with great sadness that I report that our CEO Ian Evans is leaving the Association in July. I wish Ian and his family well in his new employment.

Ian has been CEO for over 5 years. In that time, he has faced unprecedented issues: Avian Flu and its implications for the pigeon sport, Brexit and how this has had a serious impact on cross channel racing, and finally the Covid pandemic and the repercussions on individuals/families and our pigeon hobby. Through all of this Ian continued to lead the RPRA, however some individuals decided to denigrate Ian at every opportunity, which any right-thinking person would not do.

Having a right of opinion and being able to express that opinion is a fundamental right, but when individuals spread malicious untruths, many of which are downright lies, the silent majority should stand up and say enough is enough. I say now to the thousands of RPRA members – get involved, go to your Region’s meetings. Let us have fanciers, who want the RPRA to be successful, running our Regions and representing the Regions on Council.

Les Blacklock
RPRA President

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