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Kickstarter for animated film ‘Pigeons’

The National Film and Television School (NFTS) is supporting an experimental short animated film titled ‘Pigeons’, about “an inquisitive, bohemian pigeon living in a world oppressed by militant swans”.

Carla Tarnawski says “As you might know, the NFTS has won the Animation BAFTA for the fourth year in a row and last year ‘Inanimate’ – one of the students’ animation films – won at Cannes and is now competing for an Oscar. This can give you an idea of the quality and reach our films have!

“We are raising funds for this project, PIGEONS, through Kickstarter. So far with the help of almost 150 backers we’ve managed to raise more than £6,000 of our £10,000 goal. Now we have a week to achieve the rest of it, and are starting a last big push.

“Because of our shared passion for these birds, we turned to the RPRA. Hopefully there is a way for us to collaborate! We know you are bringing the appreciation of pigeons and pigeon racing into modern times, and that’s fantastic. We didn’t know how popular pigeon racing was in the UK before looking through your site, but are now hoping to make it to one of the next races!
We know a week is a short turnaround, but we can make an exception for you to extend the deadline, since we think this could be a great connection.

“We would very much appreciate if you could help us by spreading the word to the members of the RPRA.”

To support the Kickstarter campaign, click on the image above.


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