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Kickstarter for new ‘Birdmen’ book

Award-winning photographer Zak Waters has launched a crowdfunding page on Kickstarter to help realise the publication of his pigeon racing book in Great Britain entitled Birdmen.

Zak says “Birdmen has been a labour of love for me over the years as I travelled the country meeting some amazing individuals who are part of the pigeon fraternity. My investment far outweighs anything I will get back from this project. All I want is for this book to be out there in the public domain to educate people on this unique sport which is an important part of British culture.

“I have approximately two weeks to raise over 100 pledges to ensure the book is published and I need your help. For a £25 pledge you will receive a beautiful coffee table signed limited edition book which will no doubt double in value once it is published.

“If you can think of anyone who can help in anyway to promote or pledge some support to the book I would be extremely grateful.” 

Please click on the image to go the the Kickstarter page.

Update 23 March: We are pleased to say that Zak’s campaign was successful – 165 backers pledged £7,186 to help bring his project to life.

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