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Leeds or The Bahamas?

Hot on the heels of Percy’s trip to Canada, we’ve had a report of another pigeon going a very long way astray.

A 2011 blue cock, belonging to Fred Lock of Leeds, was liberated from Lillers on 26th May, and turned up in The Bahamas some weeks later!

On Sunday 16th July the Locks received the following e-mail and photos from Kate Barley:

‘Hello Fred,

My fiancé Jason had called you earlier today about your pigeon being found here on Eleuthera, The Bahamas. I found this so great as I am over here studying and I am from Grimsby/Cleethorpes and my dad had told me where to check for the phone number as he used to race pigeons. When I saw it said Leeds we were so surprised. I bet you must have been too!

Here are some photos of him; the last one is of the boat house where he turned up and spends most of his day and enjoys the view. Perhaps he fancied a holiday! I have a flight back to the UK in early September and could bring him back but I have no idea what the paperwork for that would involve. He seems happy here and he flys up to Jason’s hand in the morning for food and follows him around which is sweet.

He is at a place called The Island School, an island science and education centre on Eleuthera Island. We have named him Henry, but if you have a name for him, would love to know it, how old is he? I wonder how he got here, on a ship I suppose, but it is amazing.’

So, will Henry be returning to the UK or will he live out his life as another ex-pat in The Bahamas (poor thing!)? Only time will tell.

Read more on this story and see further images in The Mail Online’s article.







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