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Leighton makes it big in Japan

The latest edition of Japan’s leading pigeon racing magazine, Aikyunotomo, features an article on the Boughen family of Kings Lynn, Norfolk – dad Chris, mum Tracy and son Leighton.

A party from the magazine spent a day with the family in September, looking around their loft and talking to them about their flying.

A rough translation of the two-page article (left and below) reads:

P1 – On 8th September it was the last race in year 2012. The father, Chris, was waiting in front of the pigeon loft for the pigeons to come back home, together with the mother. Leighton hurried back from the football training ground. He was still out of breath. Cousin Rain, who is one year older than Leighton, was with him. Leighton got up at six o’clock every morning to clean the pigeon loft and feed pigeons. He could be called a pigeon breeder now. With the father, they put their trophies together in the corridor.

P2 – Happy pigeon breeding children. “I like blue pigeons”, Leyton said without hesitation. The flight of 11-year-old Leighton Boughen. On the day of race, coming home from school in a hurry. The Boughen father and son’s pigeon loft is famous locally. It was two years ago when Leighton Boughen began to work with pigeons. He was a shy boy, but he was also a serious and responsible person while working. He saved around £700 in one year. Birthday celebration and Christmas gifts were all cancelled; the money was saved and he bought two pigeons (famous pigeon breeds). He attended races with his father together and gained good results. Leighton felt lonely sometimes since none of his friends in the same grade liked pigeons.”

Tracy said “Thank you for introducing us to Urara and her family. They have been with us today, and we have had such a lovely time with them, and knowing how they race in Japan also. They were such a delight to have at our home; we have really enjoyed having them.”





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