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Liberation Sites – Maximum Daily Vehicle Limits and Pre-Booking

There are a large number of RPRA liberation sites with a maximum daily vehicle limit or that require pre-booking. These conditions are set by the site authorities and it is very important that they are adhered to, otherwise the sites will be withdrawn. The daily vehicle limit must not be exceeded, and sites requiring pre-booking must be contacted in advance of your vehicle turning up on site. When planning which site your organisation wishes to use, please ensure that you check the site availability with Racing Support prior to 10am Friday.

If your organisation needs to make a last minute change of site outside of office hours, you can now check the site availability via our website. First go to the Race Programmes page to view the number of organisations (vehicles) booked at a liberation site, and then follow the link to the UK Liberation Sites Map (or click on ‘UK Liberations Sites Map’ in ‘Racing Handbook’). Select the site you wish to use by clicking on the pointer, and the site details will provide information on vehicle limits and pre-booking requirements.

Thank you very much for your cooperation.

Racing Support

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