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One Loft 2016 Final Race

The RPRA One Loft 2016 Final Race took place on Tuesday 13th September from Alnwick, a distance of 235 miles 854 yards.

Duncan Cook, convoyer, assisted by Gabor Fari, liberated the birds at 07:30am.

Loft Manager Jeremy Davies was at the lofts awaiting the birds’ arrival, along with RPRA staff and about 70 visitors.

The first ten birds back were as follows:

1 Dr.Srikrishnamurthy GB16 S25602 14:10:21.60
2 A Brewerton & Son GB16 C17314 14:14:18.00
3 Happyland GB16 P09336 14:14:34.80
4 Clampy & Smithy GB16 Z31150 14:14:49.65
5 Peter Ryder GB16 V12303 14:19:15.50
6 Tracker GB16 N90018 14:19:23.20
7 Aldridge Brothers GB16 C14525 14:19:35.65
8 Freeland Fighters GB16 N26016 14:19:41.50
9 Slimshady GB16 N16459 14:29:39.95
10 Team Islwyn WHU2016 T02863 14:29:59.20

Click on any of the thumbnails below for a gallery of images from the day (with thanks to Geoff Bullen for some of the photos), and see the full results and latest news on the One Loft website.

Here is the report on the race from the British Homing World.


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