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Open Race from Ypres to Commemorate WW1 Centenary

On Saturday 14th July, the RPRA Cumbria Region will be commemorating the centenary of World War 1 with an Open Race from Ypres.

Pigeon fanciers within the Cumbria Region want to recognise the sacrifice that the armed forces took in the First World War and the bravery of the homing pigeons involved.

Carrier pigeons played a vital part in World War One acting as military messengers with their homing ability and speed. Over 100,000 pigeons were used in the war with a success rate of 95% in delivering their messages.

The pigeons involved in the race will fly from Ypres – a region which saw five major battles during the course of the war – a distance of around 450 miles.

Les Blacklock, Cumbria Region Secretary, said: “The Ypres open race is a great opportunity for pigeon fanciers within the Cumbria Region to commemorate 100 years since the end of WWI. Pigeons played such vital role in both World Wars and it seems only natural to celebrate their bravery with this race.”


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