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The premier organisation for pigeon racing in the UK

Today pigeon racing is a sport for the whole family in a highly social environment. It combines animal husbandry with the natural desire for competition. Electronic Timing Systems and One Loft Races have brought this popular sport into the 21st Century. Find out more…

Latest News

Lords v Commons Race 2019

The Royal Pigeon Racing Association will host the second annual revived Lords v Commons Pigeon Race from Bletchley Park on Wednesday 19th June. The race was revived in 2018 after a 90 year hiatus. Each bird entered was designated to an MP or peer, with Prime Minister Theresa May sponsoring five pigeons. The winning bird […]

Performance Enhancing Drugs – RPRA Strategic Tests

The RPRA carried out its first strategic tests on 25th April 2019. Samples were gathered from two members of the BICC at separate marking stations. Both samples were analysed by the RPRA’s UK-based laboratory and proved negative – free of any performance enhancing drugs. The RPRA will be carrying out further tests during 2019. In […]