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Pigeon racing and raptor nest boxes

On the 5th February 2021 a meeting took place between the Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for Pigeon Racing – Craig Williams MP for Montgomeryshire, DEFRA minister and senior DEFRA officials.

At this meeting the APPG Chair raised the issues we are experiencing with the rising bird of prey population, and specifically the artificial breeding sites used to support falcons in towns and cities.

The DEFRA minister was sympathetic towards the issues experienced by pigeon fanciers and has agreed to facilitate further discussions with DEFRA officials, APPG , Natural England, RSPB and the Hawk and Owl Trust. The aim of these discussions is to work towards a Government endorsed guidance for the siting of raptor nest boxes.

This has been seen as a very positive step and we thank Craig Williams MP and Chris Guyver of Pepper Shackleton Wellard Ltd for their continued support

Colin Clarke
Chair of the Raptor Alliance


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