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Pigeon Racing in England – Update

Under Stage 1 of the Government’s coronavirus strategy, along with certain other sports, pigeon racing in England is permitted from today.  To assist, we have been developing guidance to facilitate racing, and this can be downloaded below.

We also acknowledge that – under the current restrictions – certain RPRA rules may be difficult to implement, and we have also attached a document which outlines where clubs may wish to suspend or relax such rules.

Download: RPRA Rules during Covid-19 Restrictions

Download: RPRA Race Marking Guidance

Download: RPRA Race Clock Striking Guidance

UPDATE: The Government has updated its guidance in respect of outdoor sport and recreation.

As a result, marking and clock striking teams may now consist of 6 individuals from different households. Both activities are still only permitted outdoors, and subject to the appropriate hygiene protocols. Please refer to the race marking and clock striking guidance for further detail.

The RPRA has also relaxed the rule requiring members to sign race entry sheets.

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