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Pigeon Racing in Northern Ireland

In preparation for the 2021 season, guidance has been developed for clubs and organisations in Northern Ireland, and you may download this below. 

You will then be able to access the following guidance:
1. Race Marking;
2. Clock Striking.

Please note that if you are a convoying organisation the following documents are also relevant:
3. Guidance for Convoying Organisations;
4. Risk Assessment for Convoyers – this is a requirement for the use of liberation sites. Guidance should be strictly implemented. If you are a convoying organisation then you should bring the relevant documents to the attention of your convoying team(s) and ensure that all marking stations are aware of the requirements of the guidance listed above.

The last document above is available on the Downloads page.

Download: Race Marking Guidance for Northern Ireland 2021

Download: Clock Striking Guidance for Northern Ireland 2021

Download: Guidance for Convoying Organisations for Northern Ireland 2021 


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