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Pigeon Racing in Northern Ireland

We reproduce here the latest update as regards pigeon racing in Northern Ireland, courtesy of the Northern Ireland Provincial Amalgamation (NIPA): “The latest information from the Northern Ireland Assembly on Wednesday 27th May 2020 is that legislation is now in place to permit pigeon racing within Northern Ireland.

“This legislation permits four members to be within the confines of the clubrooms to race mark the pigeons with suitable P.P.E. and practicing good hygiene.

“Members entering the race will leave their pigeons and clock at the clubrooms entrance and go back to their vehicle or a distance from the clubrooms. Members must not gather in groups outside the clubroom premises. This is not permitted under the legislation.

“The Northern Ireland Assembly is now in negations with the relevant departments in the Republic of Ireland.

“At present we can only race within Northern Ireland until confirmation or otherwise is received from the department in the Republic of Ireland. We are hopeful of a decision in the near future.

“The Northern Ireland Assembly have also submitted written requests to the Scottish and Welsh legislations to approve liberations of racing pigeons from Northern Ireland at this time.

“Please be patient as negotiations take place.

“The N.I.P.A. committee if approval is granted plan to have five inland races and review channel racing after the five races.

“When any further information is available you will be informed immediately.”

Fred Russell
Secretary NIPA

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