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RPRA Awards 2020

Due to the current lockdown conditions, the RPRA Awards for 2020 had to be presented virtually, and the presentations were filmed for the YouTube video below: 

The award winners are as follows – our congratulations to them all:

Adult Short Distance

1st Place – Selby Thomas Memorial Trophy, Medallion and £100: Ron Williamson, Newry – GB18E05350
2nd Place – Medallion & £60: Beaumont & Nairn, Liverpool – GB19X32348
3rd Place – Medallion & £40: Derek Taylor, Knottingley – GB17Z76581

Adult Middle Distance

1st Place Preston Trophy, Medallion & £100: T Ramm, Folkingham – GB18Z45161
2nd Place – Medallion & £60: Ian Brown, South Kirkby – GB18Z60733
3rd Place – Medallion & £40: P Halliwell, Sheffield – GB18Z68548

Adult Long Distance

1st Place Queen’s Coronation Cup, Medallion & £100: Mark Gilbert, Windsor – GB19B06292
2nd Place – Medallion & £60: Nicholas Adshead, Selby – GB18N56578
3rd Place – Medallion & £40: Ron Williamson, Portadown – GB18F26109

Tony Cornwell Trophy for Best All Round Performance

Medallion: Ron Williamson, Newry – GB19S46805

Massarella Trophy for Best Performance by a Young Bird

Medallion: Sands & Rice, Newry – GB20B28933

Young Fanciers Short Distance

1st Place Trophy, Medallion & £50: R McMillan, Carlton in Lindrick – GB20A26568
2nd Place – Medallion & £30: Mia Hoddinott, Crossway – GB20L01949
3rd Place – Medallion & £20: Millie Ann Coleman, Dover – GB19L17505

Young Fanciers Middle Distance

1st Place Trophy, Medallion & £50: Zoe Bowler, Chesterfield – GB20L00316

Intermediate Young Fanciers Short Distance

1st Place Trophy, Medallion & £50: Keelie Wright, Craigavon – GB20L10961

Intermediate Young Fanciers Middle Distance

1st Place Trophy, Medallion & £50: Keelie Wright, Craigavon – GB17L02765

Guy Barrett Trophy

And Medallion: Keelie Wright, Craigavon

Bamford’s Top Flight 2020 Schools Championship Trophy

And Medallion: St Andrews Primary School, Oswaldtwistle – GB20N61594. Co-efficient score of 1.22.

Bamford’s Top Flight 2020 Sprint Schools Champion

Highest Velocity Winners Medallion: Diggle School, Oldham – GB19S41475. Velocity of 2023.555 yards per minute.

Paul Burns, Deputy Head Teacher at St Andrews Primary, spoke to BBC Radio Lancashire about the school’s success in winning the Schools Championship trophy for the third year running: 


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