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RPRA launches Kitemark

For a number of years the RPRA has been carrying out random Performance Enhancing Drug tests on pigeons to demonstrate fair play and keep performance enhancing products out of our sport.

There are many different products, supplements and feeds available for pigeon keepers to purchase for their pigeons. Many RPRA members have raised concerns in relation to whether or not these products contain any substances that are considered performance enhancing and could result in action by the Association.

The RPRA is therefore launching a scheme where manufacturers of food, bedding, supplements and other products which come into contact with pigeons, or are ingested, can be assayed to demonstrate to pigeon fanciers that the product is safe and free from those substances covered by Appendix G of the RPRA rule book.

Manufacturers can then use this kitemark as an assurance to customers that their product is free from any of the substances prohibited by the Association. We believe this scheme will also provide evidence of their commitment to quality and will enhance their products to pigeon fanciers, and put fanciers’ minds at rest when they use kitemark approved products.

We have negotiated with our approved laboratory services to offer this service at a discounted price and we believe this scheme will benefit all those involved with our sport.

Any manufacturer interested in accessing the scheme should contact the RPRA CEO at [email protected]

Ian Evans

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