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RPRA Membership Consultation – CEO’s comments

RPRA Members Consultation – Comments by Ian Evans RPRA CEO

The RPRA member’s consultation that was published in the British Homing World, and on the RPRA website and social media attracted 1092 responses.

Initially I was disappointed by the level of response. However, having taken into consideration that this was the first time that RPRA members had been consulted on an individual basis, such a response is a success. Hopefully there will be an even better response to future consultation exercises.

A summary of the responses is as follows:
• 60% thought that clubs should not be able to refuse membership.
• 62% were in favour of reducing the number of liberation sites and larger racing organisations.
• 85% were in favour of one member one vote.
• 76% were in favour of an Executive Committee.
• 59% were in favour of some kind of restriction to the start date of racing.

A more detailed breakdown of the results can be found within this report.

The results of the consultation were presented and discussed at the RPRA Council meeting on 26th October and the following was agreed:
• That the RPRA RECOMMENDS that racing does not start before 20th April.
• That the Finance and General purpose committee appoint a working group at its December meeting with a view to improve racing and reduce losses. The group remit would include, but not limited to, the following:
1. To explore ways of reducing the number of racing organisations or encourage cooperation among such organisations leading to larger liberation and therefore less liberations.
2. Explore the possibility of reducing the number of Inland liberation sites.
3. Explore the feasibility of regional corridor racing for inland races.
4. Establish ways of monitoring the conditions experienced during transportation to the racepoint.
5. Develop guidance to help manage races.

Also establish a working group that would build a bank of data relating to health issues that that could be used to facilitate future research into pigeon related diseases.

There was also a commitment to establish the required rule change to facilitate the move to a governance structure based on one member one vote.

The proposed rule change to RPRA Rule 159 which relates to organisation membership had been discussed by the regions prior to the Council meeting. This proposed rule change would have made it much easier for members to join clubs, by placing responsibility for clubs to justify to regions the reason for not allowing an application for membership.

The regions rejected the proposed rule change with just 5 votes in favour of the proposition and 14 against (1 abstention). The position of the regions seem somewhat different to those who took part in the survey which demonstrated that 60% were in favour of a change to the rule with just 36% against (4% preferred to not answer).

There are currently far too many genuine RPRA members who are unable to race at club level, with clubs sometimes refusing membership without any justification – surely this cannot continue?

Ian Evans

Download: Membership Consultation Results

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