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RPRA Membership and Insurance 2023

In March 2019 we reported on the launch of a new club insurance scheme (click the link to read about it), with the cost of the initial year’s policy being covered by the RPRA from existing reserves. From 2020 we have had to pass that cost on to members: membership fees remain at £10, but there is also a £2 insurance levy per member, which we are sure you will agree is good value for money.

The following statement explains the position in full:

With ever increasing legislation members are at risk of claims for situations including health and safety. As an unincorporated organisation it would be the members who would be held liable for any claim. To mitigate this risk a number of clubs (approx 300) had taken out policies through the RPRA Insurance broker. The actual number of clubs with such cover would be far greater. The annual cost of such policies was anything between £200 to £400 and in some cases even greater.

In 2018/19 the RPRA was approached by a number of clubs requesting help with sourcing Public Liability Insurance. These requests were as a direct result of venues/headquarters stipulating such cover was required to use the services and facilities. In today’s culture of blame and claims this requirement is only likely to increase.

In 2019 the RPRA Council were presented with an insurance policy proposal that would provide all it’s affiliated clubs and organisations with Public Liability , Employers Liability Insurance and cover for equipment owned by affiliated clubs and organisations at a cost of £2 per member. After careful consideration the RPRA council took the decision to procure the policy and fund it from existing financial reserves.

At the October 2019 meeting the renewal of the policy (due March 2020) was discussed. Taking into consideration the risk and liability to members along with the value for money of a ‘block policy’ when compared to individual club polices it was agreed that the policy should be renewed.

Funding the policy from existing financial reserves was not viable and therefore it was the majority decision of the Council that members should pay a £2 insurance premium in 2020 to finance the policy.

In today’s day and age it may be considered irresponsible for clubs to operate without such cover. Therefore I hope members can see the benefits and reasoning behind the decision of Council. This difficult decision was taken in the best interests of the members.

Download: Certificate of Public and Products Liability Insurance


What is included? To summarise:

  • Insured Property limit of £20,000 (excess £150)
  • Insured Property to include Clubs and members’ own equipment, comprising of clocks, baskets & crates, etc
  • ‘All Risks’ cover in the UK, including in transit, subject to a £150 claims excess
  • £10M Public & Employers Liability, including ‘Member to Member’ and ‘Vicarious Liability’ (excess £250)


1. Are Federations included? – Yes Federations, Amalgamations and Combines are included.

2. Our Headquarters are situated within a Social Club/Community Centre etc – we are covered by their Insurance – No you are not! Their insurance policy, if there is one, will cover ‘the insured’ as in the Club/Pub/Community Centre and will cover their Legal Liability for events involving injury, damage or loss of property occurring and happening in connection with their ‘business’. The venue is therefore covered but not the pigeon club’s activities. Any injury, damage or loss of property caused by the negligence of the pigeon club, although not compulsory, would need to be covered by them.

3. My Club doesn’t employ anyone – Why do we need Employers Liability? Volunteers are included under the Employers Liability insurance.

4. Are buildings or vehicles insured? – No, buildings/vehicles are not insured under the policy.

5. Is any equipment on loan to the club covered? – Yes, equipment such as club ETS that is on loan to the club is covered under the policy.

6. What if clubs or members have a separate policy? – There is no requirement for the RPRA to enquire or declare if any of its affiliated Clubs have now or continue to hold separate Public Liability or indeed any similar insurances as long as we have made Fair Presentation as required under the Insurance Act 2016.

7. What is the cost of the policy – The actual cost of the policy is based on £2 per member. The RPRA makes no money from the Insurance Fee. In actual fact the RPRA covers a small amount.

8. How do I make a claim – Please email the RPRA Office Manager at [email protected]

9. Who covers the excess? The club/member making the claim

10. Where can I get proof of the Public Liability Policy or Employers Liability cover? This is available to download above. 

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