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RPRA National Awards 2021

We have brought in changes to the way in which the RPRA national awards are decided for 2021. The majority of awards will now be decided by coefficient calculations.  

So what has changed?

With the exception of the Old Bird category (450 miles and over), there are a number of changes to the way the RPRA national awards will be administered and calculated for 2021:

  • Applications will be made direct to RPRA HQ.
  • Applications can also be completed online by clicking on the relevant link at this page.
  • The deadline for applications is 11:59pm on 5th November 2021

For regional awards, please contact your local Region Secretary. Please note that an application for the national awards does not mean that it will also be considered for regional awards, and vice versa. You will be required to submit two different applications. The reason for this is because the regional awards will not be calculated on the same basis.

Long Distance Awards and the Guy Barrett Trophy are also still to be applied for through your regions, as they will not be based on coefficient calculations.


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