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RPRA One Loft Hot Spot 1

The RPRA One Loft Race Hot Spot 1 took place on Wednesday 1st August from Ashbourne, a distance of 70 miles 613 yards.

Jeremy was on site very early and had to wait for the cloud cover to disperse and the sun to break through, and was able to liberate the birds at 07.40am into a moderate headwind.

The first birds back arrived at 09.27 am, and by 10.00am over 700 had made their way home. Fanciers were able to watch the live arrivals both on the Benzing site and on a live YouTube stream from the loft. The top 10 were as below, click on the image to see the full race result.

You can read a full report of the race on the One Loft website.


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