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RPRA Virtual Pigeon Race

To help launch the RPRA Results Software, and to provide some fun relief from the current conditions, the first RPRA Virtual Pigeon Race took place over the weekend. 

Image (c) Daniel Jones Photography

Clubs who had already registered and taken up the free software offer were able to take part, and every member had a chance of winning. The winners were decided by the nearest velocity to that nominally chosen by RPRA CEO Ian Evans of 1242 ypm. They are as below (click on the image to go to the results site):

Congratulations to all of the winners – a small prize will be sent to you through the post.

If your club has not yet taken up the results software, please see this article for further details. Please note: the software is only available to RPRA-affiliated clubs.

The developers of the software – Viv Oliver and Peter Humphries – are looking to add further virtual races, so that clubs new to the software may participate.


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