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RPRA visit Olveston Primary School

Pupils at Olveston Primary School in Bristol welcomed pigeons as special visitors to their school earlier this week.

RPRA General Manager, Stewart Wardrop, spent the afternoon at the school giving pupils an understanding of the role played by pigeons in World War II. The visit coincided with the Years 5 and 6 pupils’ topic of war and peace.

Maria Vizard, Curriculum Leader and Year 5 teacher, said that staff at the school are always endeavouring to make learning an interactive and fun experience.

“All of the children enjoyed the visit from Stewart and his pigeons,” she said. “It is an element of the second world war that can often be overlooked and not covered in teaching. The children were so engaged and I am sure that we will do a lot of follow up work on the subject.

“A huge thank you to Mrs Annette Bishop, one of our valued non-teaching staff, who gave me the information about the RPRA. It was an inspired idea and one that the pupils will not forget.”

Click on the thumbnails below to see a gallery of images of the visit.


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