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Rule Changes relating to ETS

Several proposed changes to RPRA Rules were passed at the Association’s Annual General Meeting in February with regard to electronic timing systems. These were as below:

Rule 233 – Note Rule 233 has been completely deleted.

Rule 235 – Delete Rule 235 and replace with:
235. (a) Electronic rings must be allocated to the ring numbers of the member’s pigeons a minimum of 7 days prior to the use of the ETS. Allocation on marking nights will only be permitted due to a defect or loss of an electronic ring.
(b) Should a member present a bird for allocation of rings prior to the start of or during old bird or young bird racing and the electronic ring indicates another member’s loft number/details, then proof of ownership of the ring must be supplied before assigning the ring to the member’s bird. If proof of ownership cannot be furnished by the member then
action may be taken under rules 169/70.
(c) Additional ETS Zeroes – the leading zeroes that are automatically added by ETS systems are acceptable.


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