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School pupils learn about pigeons

RPRA General Manager, Stewart Wardrop, recently gave a talk on pigeons and pigeon racing to pupils at Church Lench First School in Evesham, Worcestershire. The boys and girls were fascinated with the role that carrier pigeons played in World War 2, and were able to watch a liberation of a group of Jeremy Davies’ birds that flew back to his loft just under 18 miles away in Birtsmorton.

Stewart was delighted to receive a set of letters from the pupils describing what they enjoyed about the talk. Here is a selection of a few comments:

Ruari: Thankyou for telling us all about your pigeons. I was fascinated about their sense of direction and that some of them were given medals. I would really like a pigeon and am working on my parents to buy me one.

Rio: We had an amazing time looking at the pigeons and holding them; you gave us amazing facts about World War 2. The racing pigeons were super fast  and amazing going to their loft.

Lucy: I particularly liked hearing about the pigeon parachute!

Aidan: You have inspired me with your job so that this weekend I will get a pigeon.

Helaina: I was very fascinated about how clever pigeons were and how quick they can travel – like lightning!

Lily – It’s hard to believe that the red pigeon has flown from Barcelona in Spain back to Cheltenham; that’s amazing.




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