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St Peters School, Adams Hill

RPRA General Manager, Stewart Wardrop, gave a pigeon talk to over 100 children at St Peter’s Catholic Primary School, Adams Hill, Birmingham, on Wednesday 6th July. Following the various presentations, explanations and demonstrations, the highlight – as always – was the release of the pigeons from the playground.

stpeters1One pigeon was released for each of the school ‘houses’ and were kindly supplied from his own team by RPRA One Loft Manager, Jeremy Davies.

stpeters2This is the second pigeon talk delivered at the school, the previous one being some two years ago; such is the popularity of the event we feel sure that we will get a repeat invitation shortly. In fact the school may consider having pigeons and a loft of its own in the future. Another 100 plus children that now “love pigeons”!

See more images on the St Peter’s website.


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