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University shoots documentary at the One Loft

Two journalism students from the University of Gloucestershire visited the RPRA’s One Loft at Tewkesbury today to film a piece for their third year coursework. The final piece will be judged by a panel of professional journalists including the comedian Dom Joly. We hope to get a copy to load onto the RPRA website once […]

Holmeswood Primary School visit the One Loft

Children from Holmeswood Methodist Primary School in Lancashire travelled to Malvern by school minibus on Wednesday 2nd April to deliver their pigeon ‘Holmeswood Flyer’ to the RPRA One Loft. The school’s Bursar, Lavinia Chew, takes up the story: “Holmeswood Flyer was donated to the school by Pimlott Brothers.  The children have watched the various stages […]

BBC Radio 4 at the One Loft

The BBC’s Environment Analyst, Roger Harrabin, spent the day on Friday at the RPRA’s One Loft near Tewkesbury, recording an item for BBC Radio 4’s ‘Today’ programme which will be aired in the near future.          

CNN at the One Loft

US news giant CNN spent today filming at the loft in Tewkesbury belonging to the RPRA One Loft Manager, Jeremy Davies. Originally the piece was commissioned as a very short notice ‘background to pigeons piece’, however it has now grown following the filming today! Nic and a camera crew will be at Bletchley Park on Thursday 6th December […]

Heather makes a name for herself

Young Heather Daves, daughter of the RPRA One Loft Manager Jeremy, appeared on both the BBC Breakfast feature on pigeon racing, and in her local press, talking about her love of the sport. She’s just 7 years old, but has been racing for the last two years, and has a small loft and her own […]

BBC Breakfast at the One Loft

Saturday morning’s edition of BBC Breakfast featured an item on Pigeon Racing, made when Mike Bushell visited the RPRA One Loft at Tewkesbury a couple of weeks ago. The weather was superb on the day, and we opened Mike’s eyes up with regard to Pigeon Racing. Raptor predation also got a significant mention. We demonstrated how Pigeon Racing works, […]

Chloe’s over the moon!

Chloe Sherwood in Yeovil managed to get a free entry into the RPRA One Loft Race for her school, Ansford Academy, via the South West Region. She told us: “Guess what – when I looked on the schools’ result for Hotspot 1 we were actually 1st, winning £50 for my school! Our bird came 70th overall, 42 seconds behind […]