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Racing success for Longshaw Junior School

Pigeon fancying is part of the school curriculum at Longshaw Junior School in Blackburn, and recently their birds took first place in Oswaldwistle Homing Society’s race from Tewkesbury. Seven-year-old Lawson Berry (above) and father Jonathan Berry, who is the deputy headmaster at the school, are two members of the team. Jonathan said: “Some competitors have 40 […]

Longshaw Juniors receive grant for new loft

Longshaw Junior School in Blackburn is to build a new pigeon loft, thanks to a grant of £1600 from the RPRA. RPRA North West Region President, Phil Murray, is seen right presenting a cheque to the school on behalf of the Future of the Sport Committee. The Park Lee Road school has even written pigeon […]

Young Fanciers to visit Royal Lofts

Two junior members of Oswaldtwistle Homing Society have now established connections with the Royal Lofts at Sandringham. Jonathan Berry, Deputy Headmaster at Longshaw Junior School, will be taking a party of school children to visit the Royal Lofts on Saturday 13th February and have been promised a young bird to start racing this year. Last weekend, […]

Longshaw Junior School Pigeon Racing Team

Longshaw Junior School in Blackburn has become one of the first schools in Lancashire to have its own team of racing pigeons. Deputy Head, Jonathan Berry, told us: “The project has been set up in conjunction with Oswaldtwistle Homing Society following a visit to our school from society member Peter Hargreaves last October. The project has proven […]

Oswaldtwistle HS visits local school

Oswaldtwistle HS club member Peter Hargreaves recently visited Longshaw Junior School in Blackburn to give a talk on racing pigeons to 90 ten and eleven year old children. He introduced them to six of his birds, who were liberated at the end of the session with a coded message which was deciphered at home and […]