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RPRA National Awards 2021

We have brought in changes to the way in which the RPRA national awards are decided for 2021. The majority of awards will now be decided by coefficient calculations.   So what has changed? With the exception of the Old Bird category (450 miles and over), there are a number of changes to the way the […]

One Loft Young Birds 2021 Final Race

The RPRA One Loft Young Birds Final Race 2021 took place today from Alnwick (235 miles, 898 yards). The 525 birds were liberated at 08:45 into a moderate headwind, and cleared well down the east coast.  The top 10 result is below – click on the image to see the full result. The full […]

RPRA Accounts 2020

A copy of the RPRA Accounts for 2020 can be downloaded here. Comments from the CEO The accounts for year ending 31st October 2020 demonstrate a significant loss. For years the RPRA has relied on the profit generated at the BHW to make up the deficit within the RPRA.  However, despite recent efficiency driven changes at […]

One Loft Young Birds 2021 Hot Spot 4

Following the cancellation of Hot Spot 3, RPRA One Loft Young Birds 2021 Hot Spot 4 took place today from Richmond, North Yorkshire, a distance of 167 miles 566 yards. Jeremy released the 552 birds at 9.00am into a west wind and said that they “cleared brilliantly”.  The first birds arrived back at just […]

Updated liberation site maps

An up-to-date version of the UK liberation site map, showing major airports and sites with airfield restrictions, is available to download – click on the image right to download the map in .pdf format. Updated A3 size printed versions of both the UK and Continental liberation site maps may be obtained free of charge from […]

One Loft Young Birds 2021 Hot Spot 2

RPRA One Loft Young Birds 2021 Hot Spot 2 took place yesterday from Worksop, a distance of 103 miles 1210 yards. 805 birds were liberated at 10:20 in a very light ESE wind, turning SE later. They cleared very well.  The first birds arrived back at 12:51pm, and the provisional top 10 result is […]

One Loft Young Birds 2021 Hot Spot 1

RPRA One Loft 2021 Young Birds Hot Spot 1 took place on Sunday from Ashbourne, a distance of 70 miles 613 yards. Here is Jeremy’s video of the liberation at midday.  The first birds arrived back at 1.15pm, and over 500 birds were back within half an hour. The provisional top 10 result is […]

Contacting the RPRA

Under the current circumstances, and following the relocation of the office, the way you contact us has changed, as a number of staff are working from home.  Below is an updated list of contacts – it is best to use e-mail, if you can. In any case, please do not call these numbers outside of […]

One Loft Yearlings 2021 Final Race

The Yearlings 2021 Final Race took place yesterday from Edzell, near Brechin. The 108 birds were liberated at 11.50am into broken cloud, with variable wind for the first 40 miles, turning to NE after. They cleared well in one group. The first two birds back arrived only seconds apart. The winner is seen below left, […]

One Loft Yearlings 2021 Hot Spot 3

Yearlings Hot Spot 3 took place yesterday from Alnwick, a distance of 235 miles 898 yards.  110 birds were liberated at 05:45am in broken skies, into a moderate WSW wind turning to south en route. The provisional top 10 result is below – a special mention for ‘North Man’ with four of them. Click on […]