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One Loft Yearlings 2021 Hot Spot 2

RPRA One Loft Yearlings Hot Spot 2 took place today from Richmond, North Yorkshire (167 miles 566 yards). 141 birds were liberated at 7.00am into a variable wind and cleared very well. The first birds home made good time, arriving back just over three hours later. Here is the provisional top 10 result. Click on […]

One Loft Yearlings 2021 Hot Spot 1

The RPRA One Loft Yearlings Race Hot Spot 1 took place today from Worksop (103 miles, 1210 yards). 164 birds were liberated at 8.00am into a sunny light variable wind. The first birds arrived back at just before 10.00am, and the provisional top 10 result is below. Click on the image to see the full […]

RPRA One Loft 2020 Final Race

The RPRA One Loft 2020 Final Race took place yesterday from Alnwick, Northumberland, a distance of 235 miles 898 yards. The 573 birds were liberated at 9.00am into a very light ENE wind, turning fresh en route; sunny with high broken cloud. They cleared very well. The first birds arrived back at just before 1.00pm, […]

RPRA One Loft Final Race 2019

The RPRA One Loft 2019 Final Race took place today from Alnwick (235 miles, 898 yards). The 607 birds were liberated at 8:00am, no wind.  The first birds arrived back just before 1:00pm, and the top 10 result is below. Click on the image to see the full result. Full results and a report […]

Weston Turville U3A visit the One Loft

Weston Turville U3A group visited the RPRA One Loft as one of their special excursions (previous ones have included abseiling and canoeing) and – yes – they paid for the privilege! Tea, coffee and bacon butties greeted the large coach party on arrival, followed by an explanation of pigeons in war (along with a few props) […]

BBC Timeshift being filmed at RPRA

A BBC Television film crew has been busy making a Timeshift documentary for BBC Four on the cultural history of man’s other best friend – the pigeon. The programme makers have been filming at RPRA Headquarters, The Reddings, and at the RPRA One Loft over recent weeks, with the programme due to air in the […]

Holy Cross Primary receive One Loft Diploma

Michael Cullen of Ward & Cullen, Wallasey HS, presented a One Loft Race Schools Diploma to Miss J Bradley and pupils of Holy Cross Catholic Primary School in Birkenhead. The pair had donated the bird to the school – which they named ‘Holy Spirit 2’ – to take part in the RPRA’s One Loft Race 2015. […]

One Loft Final Race winner

The One Loft Final Race took place on Friday from Langholm (218 miles 1559 yards), the convoyer having had to move there due to unsuitable weather at St Boswells. The provisional results are here. Loft Manager Jeremy Davies said: “SAS Lofts’ pigeon, entered by Steven Handley from Tipton, West Midlands, raced in and trapped brilliantly to […]

History Channel filming at the One Loft

A film crew from the History Channel spent a damp and cold morning at the One Loft in Tewkesbury filming for a programme about Pigeons in War. Our thanks to Jeremy for the pigeons and to Julie for the teas and coffees. The show will be presented by Jules Hudson (Escape to the Country) and […]