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Time Signal Maintenance and Clock Setting

We have received information from Unikon and Bricon in relation to the time signal being down for maintenance from 7th-23rd May 2019. I would like to take this opportunity to remind club officials of the correct manual setting process.


Manual Time Set
When setting Unikon Clocks manually you should follow the following procedure:
1) Insert the power in to the ring marker. A red light will appear and the amber light will start to flash; be patient and wait for the red and green to start flashing, it may take a minute.
2) Present the security token and then connect the Unikon base and printer as normal.
3) If there is no radio clock signal you will see the following message ‘NO RADIO CLOCK TIME’. Switch off club system and try again.

C: Set clock manually
Press C – You will now have screen displaying the following:
   1 Set Clock Manually
   2 Use Current Time
Underneath will be the day and time
   Tu 02/07/13 10-23-12
Telephone TIM 123 and check that the date and time is correct. If the running time is correct simply press number 2 on the key pad and this will select ‘Use Current time’.
Should the running time be out press number 1 on the keypad to select Set clock manually’.
You will now see a screen with the date flashing.
To set the time use the numeric keys on the key pad to set it to the correct time.
When you have set the time correct press the green/OK button.
The next screen will give you the option to Set by pressing OK or Exit by pressing C.
If the time is okay press the Green/OK button.

All of this sounds a lot but in reality will only take a couple of minutes.
For details of MSF signal outages please visit the NPL website


The informational guide regarding the HKW radio clock as used with many Bricon Club-Masters can be downloaded below.

The information includes how to use the radio clock during periods of radio mast maintenance to avoid any disruption.

Please note that clubs using the GPS receiver with the Bricon Club-Master are entirely unaffected by any maintenance to the radio mast.

Download: Bricon Radio Clock Synchronisation Guide

Ian Evans

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